First steps in building the new apps

First steps to getting an online app working, is having a working and properly setup server. I have tried Forge from Laravel creator and it’s been great, but I feel like I need to figure out how to do this myself if I am to actually run a one-man business at some point. Plus it’s[…]

Some recommendations from IndieHackers

I really like reading IndieHackers even if it’s just for the sheer amount of inspiration the put out. So I put together a few of the articles I like to read most over there. If you are familiar with the site you may have already read these articles but if not, check them out, they’re[…]

Starting a new hobby project and a also a SAAS

I listen to a lot of audio material, audiobooks and podcasts alike. Last year I thought about building an app where I could track the stuff I listen to, maybe even add some notes on it. I even built the part that allows to list and add podcasts, fetch the episodes and even listen to[…]

List of interesting links – 31 July ’18

Introducing today’s list, and as a disclaimer, its pretty much mostly frontend this time around: ShopTalk Show – Full Stack Crossover with Adam Wathan – this is actually the most recent item on the list, but given that it has both Chris Coyier and Adam Wathan I will name this the week’s top recommendation. Build a state management[…]

Clean up unused CSS with PurgeCSS on Laravel and WordPress

I read recently the article How I dropped 250KB of dead CSS weight with PurgeCSS and thought I should put out my setup for this situation. I use Laravel Mix for both Laravel development and also for my WordPress work. My main stack includes Vue.js and TailwindCSS, so these snippets will do just fine when[…]

List of interesting links – 24 July ’18

Coming back for the second consecutive week, these are some of the more interesting articles I read this past week What Every Young Man Should Understand About the Power of Compound Interest – a nice article from the Art of Manliness site that is meant to bring a bit more actually useful information to today’s[…]

List of interesting links – 16 July ’18

I used to write here, at one point, a list of interesting links I found online in the previous week. Then I got sucked into work and stopped posting, and then my old host lost my data. Now, I am trying to get back into writing and armed with better knowledge, better taste in what[…]