Hi there!

My name is Cristian, I’m a Full Stack Developer and I make web sites and web applications with Laravel, Vue.js and WordPress.

During the past 8 years I’ve worked with HTML, CSS, PHP and of course JavaScript on creating beautiful, clean and responsive work for the web.

I am really passionate about anything internet related and recently I am developing a hobby of working with sensors and microcontrollers for monitoring and automating stuff around the house.

During my career I have built:

  • Simple presentation sites – Communicating with the client to figure out what they are looking to achieve with the new site was my objective on these projects. Not all sites are the same, even if you see a lot of similar looking site online. Some businesses just want to have a place online to showcase the company’s core beliefs and culture and others want to optimize their site to get more leads and influence online.[1]
  • Custom SaaS applications These kinds of applications are built entirely on the specifications from the client. Usually, I would get design files, feature lists and user flow from the client, but I have been in the position where I had to figure some of those things out myself. You tell what you want from your app, and we then work together to figure out all the details needed to make both the application and the business work. [2]
  • Internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – The discovery part of the process is quite long in these cases. Companies get custom CRMs developed when they find that popular commercial services don’t quite fit their company’s workflow. Therefore a long discussion on what workflow is needed. The development process also takes a lot of going back and forth because, many times, when forced to look long and hard at their workflows, many companies find ways to improve efficiency. But at the end, you get a system that is fully integrated with your company.[2]
  • IOT systems for monitoring data from sensors and automatically acting upon said data – These projects were the most interesting as I’ve had to deal with all sorts of microcontrollers and sensors and figure out the best way to integrate their internal communication protocols.[2]

Most likely I am a good fit for that project you have in mind, so why don’t you head over to the contact page and get in touch!

[1] I usually build these on WordPress – either with plain old WordPress themes or with a headless WordPress installation and a separate front end framework.

[2] These get built on Laravel – a great PHP framework that will allow me to get started fast with the basic features of your application. This usually gets paired with a front end technology such as Vue or React.