List of interesting links – 31 July ’18

Introducing today’s list, and as a disclaimer, its pretty much mostly frontend this time around:

  1. ShopTalk Show – Full Stack Crossover with Adam Wathan – this is actually the most recent item on the list, but given that it has both Chris Coyier and Adam Wathan I will name this the week’s top recommendation.
  2. Build a state management system with vanilla JavaScript – if you have done any frontend work in the past couple of years, you have run into state management. React has its own, Vue has its own, but this article is showing you how to build one that is kind of framework agnostic.
  3. Solved with CSS! Logical Styling Based on the Number of Given Elements – this is the third article in a series, and a very good article introducing you to some CSS features that you may not have known before, or if you knew about them, you will learn how to use them at their full potential.
  4. 10 Popular UI Design Trends on Dribbble in 2018 – a nice breakdown of UI trends these days
  5. Tips for balancing web fonts & page load – most of us use web fonts and also most of us know the toll they take on the speed of a site/app, so if you are a heavy user of web fonts, you will definitely have to gain from reading this article
  6. Create your design system, part 1: Typography / Create your design system, part 2: Grid & Layout – a couple of articles from the people behind CodyHouse and NucleoApp on, wait for it, creating your own design system 🙂 Interesting and informative
  7. What performance tricks actually work – I work with PHP quite a bit so this type of article is always worth reading
  8. SSH Shortcuts – a short article that can make your work with SSH a bit faster and maybe even a bit more secure
  9. Java will kill your startup. PHP will save it – not a PHP vs ‘language’ post, its more of a simple vs complex type of argument. Read it, let me know if you agree
  10. 9 Software Architecture Interview Questions and Answers – haven’t been a lot of interviews in my short career, so far, but this seems like a popular article and I thought I would share