Goodreads clone: Introduction to article series

What I’m going to be doing for the next few weeks is that I’ll be building a monolith application, a Goodreads kind-of-a-clone, but going about it in a domain driven way on Laravel for the backend and InertiaJS (or Livewire – we’ll see) on the frontend. I have been reading about this a bit lately and I having never done it, I will try it on for size in this article series. This page will also serve as a table of contents for the series so check back to see if I have anything new. The app that will go live and that I plan to maintain for the next few years even if it will never get a following. I think it will a great exercise in single dev app maintenance and keeping up with Laravel versions, PHP versions, and so on. I am however not sure whether or not to keep the comments open or closed and answer questions or opinions on twitter, but I guess for now, it’s only going to be twitter.