Goodreads clone thoughts: How to keep up with new books and covers?

This has been on my mind a bit ever since I began thinking about building this project. How am I going to keep up to date with these books? First of all, I am thinking I will keep importing the new stuff from Open Library, but I heard somewhere that Goodreads is using the users themselves to help keep the site all nice and up to date. I was thinking that if this one gets even a little bit of traction I will need to find myself some librarians from the ranks of the users as well. I will just have to figure out how to compensate them because I am not sure this will be a monetized site, at least not for a while, and these people would important work. Right now I am thinking about badges for the profiles, maybe recognition in the comments, maybe even having an acknowledgments page.

I will have to give this a lot of consideration