A new attempt at building a habit

I’ve been reading a lot of Amy Hoy’s Stacking the bricks stuff in the past years and have recently gotten drawn quite a bit by Chris Lema’s series of posts about launching a course. This somehow got me back into thinking I need to develop my blog more, grow an audience, find like-minded people.

I had several attempts in the past few years but I couldn’t really get myself into the rhythm of it. I guess you could say I am have reached the level of master of the procrastinator class but today I decided I should make a change, give it another shot at building a habit, and by proxy, develop the blog a bit. I will try to blog daily, even if I am just putting in just a couple of sentences of random stuff. I read a lot so one would think I should be able to churn out a few paragraphs a day at the very least as opinions on the content I have consumed that day 😉