Where do I find the stuff I have been posting recently

You may not care how I find the articles I have been posting recently but I am still going to tell  you 🙂 . I am currently subscribed to both NextDraft and The Skimm plus a few other sites, but these 2 are rather central to my process of finding good articles to read. Whenever I read something that was recommended on either newsletter, I just go back to the main page of the respective website, and surprise, there I find even more stuff to read. Of course, not everything is awesome/great/interesting but without these 2 newsletters I would not have found some of the gems I have been reading lately.

So there you have it, NextDraft and The Skimm. Head over and subscribe and you won’t  be disappointed. And if you know of any other such newsletters, let me know, I am always up for some more reading.

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