The Unbreakable Rebecca Black

It still amazes me how hard people were on this girl. And all she did was sing a not-so-great song and put it on YouTube. That was it. She didn’t flaunt it, she didn’t act like a diva afterwards, and what she got, from people who didn’t actually knew her, by the way, was just a lot of hate.

However, she didn’t let all that crap keep her down, she rose above it and now she is just doing her thing, like a normal person would. I respect this girl and the way she dealt with adversity and you should too.

Four years ago, she introduced the world to the most hated (and maddeningly unforgettable) song in a generation, was passed over by the music industry, and turned into a punchline — all before she was old enough for a learner’s permit. Now 18, Rebecca Black is too famous to be normal and too normal to be famous. So what does she have to smile about?

Today Black has over a million subscribers on the platform, almost all of them her age and younger, where she posts silly weekly videos and answers questions about how to navigate school drama, how to be a better friend, and what to do about bullying.

Until recently I wasn’t aware BuzzFeed did actual journalism, and I am pleasantly impressed. The article was written by Reggie Ugwu and you can find it here, on BuzzFeed.

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