The Telegraph’s exclusive interview with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is one of the great men of our era, he founded the world’s largest internet retail site Amazon in 1994 in his garage and he just doesn’t seem to want to stop doing more awesome things. In this interview we get an overview of his life so far, a sneak-peak into his current projects ( including those related to the former Top Gear trio ) and a glimpse of his future plans. Oh, and he went to watch The International ( that is the Dota2 International championship, for you laymans ), and that alone made me like him more. Whether he went there to enjoy the games or just because he wanted a more close-up look at an esports championship, is of little importance. The thing that matters is that someone of his caliber is taking note in esports.

The Amazon founder and chief executive talks exclusively to The Telegraph on the Top Gear trio, drones in the suburbs and why he goes weak at the knees when he meets another entrepreneur.

The Bezos’s were there, with 17,000 others, to watch the Dota2 International championship, at which video gamers battled it out for an $18m prize. The whole thing was streamed to hundreds of thousands of Dota2 fans on the internet, via Twitch.TV.

“eSports has become a big thing. There were many, many thousands watching live…and it was really quite amazing,” says Bezos.

The article was written by James Quinn and you can find it here, on The Telegraph’s site.


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