Content curation – is it worth it ? part 2

After the first post I wrote on this, I started a new curated content blog. It was in my native language and the content was curated from local and/or national publications. Due to work picking up a bit, I interrupted it for a while, but I have not given up on the concept. I still believe I can make something out of it and will get back to it this very weekend. But it was a lot of work. I don’t think I actually knew how much. Well, now I do, and I will share some of the details with you.

Disclaimer: the blog was a general interest one, not a very narrow niche in other words

The project so far

So, I thought I would post every day, I would go through a lot of content in the evening, select the stuff I found worth of curation and put them together into a post that would go out in the morning, not exactly first thing, at about 9-9.30. But, one problem was that I had to read most if not all of articles in order to make a good choice. That was mainly because I almost got tricked by the god awful titles a bunch of times. There were articles that actually had good stuff in the content but the title was so awful that I almost skipped them. Therefor I had to actually read the articles and not go after their titles. And going through about 600-800 links takes time. About 3-4 hours just the selection. This considering that I also have a full time day job + the time it takes me to get home from work, it adds up to me going past my regular bedtime. Now, I was thinking I would also write something, just a few words on each article, some sort of a comment on it. Well, that turned out that to be a bit more than I could chew. Writing the post with comments + the selection took too much time, the fact that I also had about 15 or more links in the list may have beenn a factor as well.

The project from now on

And by now I mean from the post that will go out on Monday 🙂 . The posts will no longer have 15 or more links in them. I will try to limit them to 8 links at most, 5 would be ideal. I will not be putting my own comments on the links, but rather quotes I found representative from the articles. I will post Monday through Friday, with the Monday article being a bit longer, 10 links, that will have articles that came out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I still do not have an awesome design for it so I will use the same theme I have here. I keep looking for something more appropriate or at some point I will build one myself, this remains to be seen. Also I will set up a mailchimp account and add some email collecting plugins.

In conclusion

I am still willing to bet on this, I think content curation could be a good model for me, since I suck at coming up with blog post ideas and writing in general. I will publish here my progress with the content curation blog, in as much detail as I can so that you will be able to learn from my mistakes or my successes.

Also I want to say that you should realise that with a more narrow niche this could be a lot easier (less articles to go through, less frequent posting etc). So keep that in mind if you think of starting something like this.

Content Curation – is it worth it ?

I have done some content curation at on point, but then I realized that the website I was using was ugly, so I shut it down and was going to work on a redesign. And I didn’t. Work, laziness and procrastination got in the way 🙂 . As for that website, well, it wasn’t something greatly successful, it was barely getting 10 visitors a day (considering that the content was mainly automated, and it did not have an english audience), but it was slowly (very slowly 🙂 ) growing. With a bit more effort, I could have turned it into something great.

So, I just decided to discontinue my efforts on a couple of other stuff I was doing and focus on this. I have started doing research for the redesign and by this time next week the website will be back, new design or no.

Back to the subject at hand: is curated content worth all the effort ? What effort, one might ask. You just find content elsewhere and put it on your site. Well, that is the gist of it, but you still have to read all the articles you plan to curate, you still have to figure out which ones are worth sharing with your audience, and you still have to give them some sort of an introduction. You can’t just slap a title with a link and hope people will read it just because you put it there. But is it worth the effort ? Well, for me it is. I mainly say this because I am not good with producing original content, as you can see from this particular post. I suck at writing. But I can tell good content from bad, and the recommendations  I make to friends, I am told, are pretty good. So if you lack the talent to write good content on your own, content curation may be worth it for you too.

People making thousands of dollars on twiter

So I came across this article Meet The Network Of Guys Making Thousands Of Dollars Tweeting As “Common White Girls” a couple of weeks ago, and I have to tell you, my first thought after reading it was: wtf is wrong with me? There are people making a ton of money from crap like this and I am struggling to keep afloat, money wise.
And thus a plan was devised. Well, more like an idea of a concept of a plan, but whatever. So I made a parody twitter account myself after I read the article and I am now trying to grow it. If  any of you are thinking ‘dude, growing a twitter to that kind of following is a lot of work’, trust me, I am aware. My goal at the moment is to grow it to about 12-15 thousand followers in about a year. This seems feasible. It will also require a lot of work, and being the procrastinator that I am, I have not yet begun to put in it the work I should.
To this end I have also read a lot on growing a twitter account, and I have to say, without investing a little money, I won’t be able to grow it this big this fast. I will make a list of the services and websites I will be using to accomplish my goals, and post it in a future article, so stay tuned for that.
The main issue I am facing right now is content. I need to come with stuff similar to what the guys from the article I mentioned above are doing, and I have to tell, that is a problem. You might ask how can you make that problem not be a problem? Well, I am glad you did ask that. The answer is: recycled content. I will spend a lot of time recycling some of their older content, make slight changes and post it on my account. There will be a lot of retweets of other viral content also, of course.
This is my battle plan for the moment. In the next article I will detail what tools i plan on using and how I plan on using them. Keep your fingers crossed! If all goes well by this time next year this twitter account will be making me somewhere around 400-500$ a month. Just so you know I started laughing as soon as I ended that sentence 🙂 Now lets be real, even if all goes well, a twitter account with 15 000 followers, of witch maybe 55-60% are active will probably be able to make somewhere around 200$/month. More only if the content is really catchy.
That’s it for today, see you on my next article.
UPDATE 02.03.2015: I have tried and have I failed. I just can not come up with crap that teens would subscribe to. Recycling content turns out not to be a viable solution for a person who already has a job. It consumes to much of my time and I would only see returns after a long while. Plus in order to get the exposure I wanted I would have had to pay some of the guys with several hundreds of thousand of followers to promote me. And that is just not going to happen. So this is the end of this project. I will automate some content for the account, maybe I will get back to it someday, but for now, it is done.