Quick tips: How to create an IFTTT recipe

First of all, what is IFTTT ? I have mentioned it before on this blog, but have yet to give you a description of it. I can best describe IFTTT as a FREE web related task automation service ( this is a mouthful, isn’t it ? ). You can use it to automate quite a variety of tasks based on certain triggers. This process is called a recipe. And because this description might not be clear enough for some people so I thought I should give you a simple example of what IFTTT can do and since my favorite recipe is WordPress to Twitter, I will tell you how to set this one up ( this app requires you have an account, but I will not tell you how to make an account, I assume you can handle that yourselves ):
  • Click on your profile name
  • Choose Create
  • Click on this
  • Choose you trigger channel ( as you can see there are quite a few options here, I chose WordPress )
  • Choose your trigger ( as you can see there are 2 option, either trigger on every post, or just on posts with a specific tag or that belong to a certain category )
  • Click that
  • Choose your action channel ( I chose Twitter )
  • Choose you action ( I chose to post a tweet with an image )
  • Give it a name
  • Click create and voila, there is your first recipe.
Here is a GIF with the process on my account ( bear with me, it’s my first gif )
I happen to have created most of my recipes but IFTTT has a big gallery of recipes and by now I am sure you can find just about anything you may want there.
Ok, so now I want to share with you my favorite IFTTT recipes, so here they are:
  • If new article from Quicksprout is published, then add to Buffer
  • If new article from Kissmetrics is published, then add to Buffer
  • If new article from Moz is published, then add to Buffer
  • If new article from HubSpot is published, then add to Buffer
  • If new article from Buffer Blog is published, then add to Buffer ( I know, I know, but they have googd articles )
  • Curated GIFs from Giphy ( it sends me every day the top gifs of the day )
  • If any new post on your blog, then post a tweet to @CristianNebunu
  • If tag reblog is added to article on Pocket create a draft on my blog ( the draft will have in the content, the title and link of the original article and a small description reminding me it came from Pocket )
  • Save links from favorite tweets to Pocket with the tag from twitter
Now, you may wonder why I add to Buffer all the articles from the site mentioned above, and the best answer is that they write good content. I, very rarely, find subpar articles on any of those websites, so this little trick allows me to always have something in Buffer. Also, since I use the free version of Buffer, these recipes will only add stuff if there is still room left in the queue.
OK, this is it for today quick tip, hope you found it useful.