Pocketed Articles – June 22, 2016

This edition is made up from article I saved from Medium. Enjoy !

I’m Not Living The Dream –  this is the story of a nomad, you know, one of those guys that travels the world just because he can. Well, it seems, this is not every bit as great as people make it seem, but if you want to find out the rest, well, read the article 🙂

The Founding Father of Bling – have you ever wanted to find out who started the “bling” culture ? How about who made its start possible. Well, there was this jeweler, Jacob Arabo, who made something a lot of jewelers at that time refused, he made “the now iconic four-finger ring that spelled “Biz” in diamond-studded script”.

Now let’s tackle some more serious subjects:

Why Do the Poor Make Such Poor Decisions? – not really sure how to make a good excerpt for this article. It delves into a complicated subject and I just can’t summarize it in a couple of sentences. All i can tell you is that this is a good and interesting read.

The Results of the Basic Income Referendum in Switzerland – somewhat connected to the previous article, this piece is looking a bit into the basic income referendum Switzerland held a few weeks ago. The people voted against the idea, but there were still 23% of the votes in favor. That in and of it self is quite meaningful in my opinion. Head over and read the article if you want to find out more. You can also read more on this subject here: The lessons from the Swiss basic income referendum

Last time around I had a link to a some Medium updates. Today I am sharing this article on Everything You Already Know About Writing on Medium. The title is pretty self-explanatory so head over if you are a fan of Medium or you just want to find out more on getting started over there.

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