Pocketed Articles – June 20, 2016

Ever since Pocket started recommending articles I got really into this feature. Most of the said recommendation are awesome and I just want to let you know that I will also have some of them on my lists as well. Now back to business:

The Matt Report Podcast ( interview with Chris Lema ) – I finally got to this one. I heard it was a good episode, and after I listened to it, I have to say, it indeed seemed to be above Matt’s usual episodes. Now if you never listened to this podcast, it is a WordPress podcast for business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs where Matt interviews from the tech world on their business. This particular episode was a discussion with Chris Lema about pricing products, servicing customers, and persevering through the business world.

How Batching Your Tasks Will Put Your Productivity on Steroids – this is another podcast episode that I found was worth sharing and so here it is. In the words of Chris Ducker, the author, ” Batching is when you block off a section of time to do just one task and you schedule it on your calendar. You can do this with social media, copywriting, recording podcasts or video, and even with email. ” . If you happen to be a content producer, you will certainly find this to be useful.

Five New Tools for Your Publications – from the Medium staff. If you are using Medium then this might be interesting to you. I myself haven’t yet published anything here yet, but feature wise, they seem to be making good progress and keep bringing value to their users. I was on the skeptical side when Medium was announced but maybe there is something there after all. It seems to work. You get exposure, readers, a community, but for now I would still suggest you should not publish your stuff on Medium only. Keep a copy on your own site, just in case.

Practice Makes Possible: What We Learn By Studying Amazing Kids – this article is in part a book review. You should know that going in. Also you should know that the book seems to be pretty interesting. My “to-be-read” list is rather long, but I will be getting to reading this one as well at some point. Here is a piece of the article, I hope it will spark your interest:

Is talent a myth?

The idea that some people are born with gifts is a very counterproductive view — that your task as a high school student or college student is that you’re supposed to go around testing things to find your gift. Because I have yet to find anybody who finds their gift.

What Robert and I are arguing is that it’s much better to think of something you want to attain and then get the help of teachers and parents to start you on the path of creating that. On that path, you may decide you want to go in a different direction. That’s fine. But you haven’t simply been waiting around for something that would allow you to instantaneously become good because that’s never happening. And I think the process of really seeing how you can improve is something that will transfer even if you try to improve in some other domain.


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