Pocketed Articles – June 17, 2016

This edition is a bit different, it’s more or less from the space of freelancing, growth hacking, copy-writing, personal and professional development and such.

Content on Content on Content – Gary Vaynerchuk is the man. One cannot help but admire his hustle and way of thinking and doing things. I found this one on medium, but it seems it is also available on his own blog. I like some of his content more than other but this is something I thought was worth sharing.

3 Marketing Lessons I Learned From Writing an Entire Book in 72 Hours – John Nemo here is talking about a technical book on a subject he already knows a lot about. But this also means that one can also write books, or better said, small e-books, that can potentially be sold. Read the article and let me know what you think about it.

How do you think about your own career planning? – Chris Lema is another guy that is really good at creating content and selling stuff. Some of his articles are fluff, but more often then not you get good info from him. This one I liked.

Friends, Money and Freedom Through Writing – James Altucher is another guy with a very hectic life and somehow he managed to make it big. I enjoy most of his articles and this one here does not disappoint either.


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