Some pics from the 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest

I just saw some of the submissions to the 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest on the The Atlantic‘s website and they are amazing.  So amazing I decided to share the link with you. So again, this is the link to The Atlantic’s article, and this here is the link to all the submissions on the actual National Geographic website.

National Geographic Magazine has opened its annual photo contest,

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Some thoughts about the state of freelance writing in 2015

If you are thinking about going into the freelance writing business, Noah Davis put out a really good article on what you can expect, money-wise, from taking this route. It’s not all rainbows and roses, there are still quite a few uncertainties, but overall, things in freelance writing seem to be looking up. So, if you ever thought of dedicating more of your time to writing, you may be on to something.

Many newer outlets offer fifty cents per word or more—sites like The Verge might pay a dollar per word—as do established publications,

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Fathers as primary parents – why is this so frowned upon ?

I read this article from The Atlantic  about the experience of a man who chose to support his wife in a carrier more demanding ( and better paid ) than his. It is quite an interesting article and I find that I, for one, am very close to his way of thinking in this matter. What exactly would be so wrong with a man taking a more a active role in raising a child ?

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A few things that should be taught in every school

I read an article today, 5 Things That Should Be Taught in Every School by Mark Manson and it is one of the best article on the subject I have ever read. Sure you can most likely find stuff more detailed written by bigger publications but this particular one resonated best with me. Most of our schools ( and this is a very broad “our” ) have a similar curriculum to the one from 30 years ago,

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NYTimes’ ISIS and its Theology of Rape

This is a very powerful piece of journalism about one of the most talked about atrocities of our time. I don’t even know how best I can explain this article. It needs to be read for anyone to fully grasp the magnitude and horrificness of its story. All I can say is that I have never truly wished harm to anyone, but these people do not deserve to live. Go read the article and you will see my point.

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Little bit of News: Apparently, Samsung + MIT = better batteries

They actually say these batteries will have ‘indefinite’ lifetime. Which is awesome. Finally. Now, let’s hope they will also find a way to make them affordable as fast as possible 🙂

MIT said the findings will become a “game changer” for the battery industry, as it “solves most of the remaining issues in battery lifetime, safety, and cost.”

The article was written by the good people at The Korea Times and you can find it here.

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New data on the rise of phone reading

Well, with the increasing size of smartphone displays, I can see why this is. I mean on a 4.3 inch phone is kind of weird to read a book, but when you consider a 5 inch or a 5.5 inch display, things change. I personally have a 4.3 inch phone and so I do most of my reading on a 7 inch tablet, but I plan on upgrading my phone in the newer future and I can definitely see myself spending more time on the phone,

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The Telegraph’s exclusive interview with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is one of the great men of our era, he founded the world’s largest internet retail site Amazon in 1994 in his garage and he just doesn’t seem to want to stop doing more awesome things. In this interview we get an overview of his life so far, a sneak-peak into his current projects ( including those related to the former Top Gear trio ) and a glimpse of his future plans. Oh,

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Hackers Are Sneaking Into Women’s Webcams and Posting the Footage on YouTube

The fact that webcams can be hacked isn’t exactly a secret. It has been done, I believe, ever since webcams have existed, but now, it’s a lot easier to hack a webcam than ever before. With a small piece of malware you can take control of not only a laptop’s camera but the entire system. This is why you should have an antivirus installed. Good antivirus software can protect you from most of these kind of hacks

According to a new report by digital rights group Digital Citizens Alliance,

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The Unbreakable Rebecca Black

It still amazes me how hard people were on this girl. And all she did was sing a not-so-great song and put it on YouTube. That was it. She didn’t flaunt it, she didn’t act like a diva afterwards, and what she got, from people who didn’t actually knew her, by the way, was just a lot of hate.

However, she didn’t let all that crap keep her down, she rose above it and now she is just doing her thing,

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Quick tips: How to create an IFTTT recipe

First of all, what is IFTTT ? I have mentioned it before on this blog, but have yet to give you a description of it. I can best describe IFTTT as a FREE web related task automation service ( this is a mouthful, isn’t it ? ). You can use it to automate quite a variety of tasks based on certain triggers. This process is called a recipe. And because this description might not be clear enough for some people so I thought I should give you a simple example of what IFTTT can do and since my favorite recipe is WordPress to Twitter, Read more …

Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”

Tinder and similar apps have been growing a lot, and not only in the US, and that may not necessarily be a good thing. This article shares an interesting point of view, that we are starting to grown more and more into the hookup culture. You get to see it from the perspective of both young men and young women, and I have to say it’s not pretty. The guys only care about getting laid and the women seem to either get with the program or get left behind.

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