Hackers Are Sneaking Into Women’s Webcams and Posting the Footage on YouTube

The fact that webcams can be hacked isn’t exactly a secret. It has been done, I believe, ever since webcams have existed, but now, it’s a lot easier to hack a webcam than ever before. With a small piece of malware you can take control of not only a laptop’s camera but the entire system. This is why you should have an antivirus installed. Good antivirus software can protect you from most of these kind of hacks

According to a new report by digital rights group Digital Citizens Alliance, hackers are hijacking the webcams of women and girls and uploading the intimate footage to YouTube for profit.

The report, which was released at the Black Hat conference, describes how hackers known as “ratters” use a special kind of malware called a remote access trojan, or RAT, to gain access to a victim’s computer and control their webcams.

Yeah. Go and find yourself a good antivirus software.

The article was written by Jordan Pearson and you can find it here, on Vice’s Motherboard section.

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