Content Curation – is it worth it ?

I have done some content curation at on point, but then I realized that the website I was using was ugly, so I shut it down and was going to work on a redesign. And I didn’t. Work, laziness and procrastination got in the way 🙂 . As for that website, well, it wasn’t something greatly successful, it was barely getting 10 visitors a day (considering that the content was mainly automated, and it did not have an english audience), but it was slowly (very slowly 🙂 ) growing. With a bit more effort, I could have turned it into something great.

So, I just decided to discontinue my efforts on a couple of other stuff I was doing and focus on this. I have started doing research for the redesign and by this time next week the website will be back, new design or no.

Back to the subject at hand: is curated content worth all the effort ? What effort, one might ask. You just find content elsewhere and put it on your site. Well, that is the gist of it, but you still have to read all the articles you plan to curate, you still have to figure out which ones are worth sharing with your audience, and you still have to give them some sort of an introduction. You can’t just slap a title with a link and hope people will read it just because you put it there. But is it worth the effort ? Well, for me it is. I mainly say this because I am not good with producing original content, as you can see from this particular post. I suck at writing. But I can tell good content from bad, and the recommendations  I make to friends, I am told, are pretty good. So if you lack the talent to write good content on your own, content curation may be worth it for you too.

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