Content curation – is it worth it ? part 2

After the first post I wrote on this, I started a new curated content blog. It was in my native language and the content was curated from local and/or national publications. Due to work picking up a bit, I interrupted it for a while, but I have not given up on the concept. I still believe I can make something out of it and will get back to it this very weekend. But it was a lot of work. I don’t think I actually knew how much. Well, now I do, and I will share some of the details with you.

Disclaimer: the blog was a general interest one, not a very narrow niche in other words

The project so far

So, I thought I would post every day, I would go through a lot of content in the evening, select the stuff I found worth of curation and put them together into a post that would go out in the morning, not exactly first thing, at about 9-9.30. But, one problem was that I had to read most if not all of articles in order to make a good choice. That was mainly because I almost got tricked by the god awful titles a bunch of times. There were articles that actually had good stuff in the content but the title was so awful that I almost skipped them. Therefor I had to actually read the articles and not go after their titles. And going through about 600-800 links takes time. About 3-4 hours just the selection. This considering that I also have a full time day job + the time it takes me to get home from work, it adds up to me going past my regular bedtime. Now, I was thinking I would also write something, just a few words on each article, some sort of a comment on it. Well, that turned out that to be a bit more than I could chew. Writing the post with comments + the selection took too much time, the fact that I also had about 15 or more links in the list may have beenn a factor as well.

The project from now on

And by now I mean from the post that will go out on Monday 🙂 . The posts will no longer have 15 or more links in them. I will try to limit them to 8 links at most, 5 would be ideal. I will not be putting my own comments on the links, but rather quotes I found representative from the articles. I will post Monday through Friday, with the Monday article being a bit longer, 10 links, that will have articles that came out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I still do not have an awesome design for it so I will use the same theme I have here. I keep looking for something more appropriate or at some point I will build one myself, this remains to be seen. Also I will set up a mailchimp account and add some email collecting plugins.

In conclusion

I am still willing to bet on this, I think content curation could be a good model for me, since I suck at coming up with blog post ideas and writing in general. I will publish here my progress with the content curation blog, in as much detail as I can so that you will be able to learn from my mistakes or my successes.

Also I want to say that you should realise that with a more narrow niche this could be a lot easier (less articles to go through, less frequent posting etc). So keep that in mind if you think of starting something like this.

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