Pocketed articles – August 01, 2016

The Case for Free Money – I have shared articles on this subject before, and the more I read, the more sense it makes. However I don’t think we are there yet as a civilization. Read it and let me know what you think.

Celery: why ? – I have often asked myself this very same question. But I also have never really cared all that much to find more information about it, until this article came my way 🙂

The War on Stupid People :

The 2010s, in contrast, are a terrible time to not be brainy. Those who consider themselves bright openly mock others for being less so. Even in this age of rampant concern over microaggressions and victimization, we maintain open season on the nonsmart. People who’d swerve off a cliff rather than use a pejorative for race, religion, physical appearance, or disability are all too happy to drop the s‑bomb: Indeed, degrading others for being “stupid” has become nearly automatic in all forms of disagreement.

The Parasite Underground -A shadow network of patients are trying to treat their own debilitating diseases — by infecting themselves with gastrointestinal worms. I don’t even know what to say about this. Then again:

If you are stricken with a terrible disease for which medicine has little to offer, then what, really, do you have to lose by turning to a parasite?

Pocketed articles – July 25, 2016

Today’s recommendations are:

The End of Reflection – now tell me that you are not guilty of this yourself :

There are many moments throughout my average day that, lacking print reading material in a previous era, were once occupied by thinking or observing my surroundings: walking or waiting somewhere, riding the subway, lying in bed unable to sleep or before mustering the energy to get up.

Now, though, I often find myself in these situations picking up my phone to check a notification, browse and read the internet, text, use an app or listen to audio (or, on rare occasions, engage in an old-fashioned “telephone call”). The last remaining place I’m guaranteed to be alone with my thoughts is in the shower.

Whether we want to admit it or not, most people no longer just reflect on anything whenever they find themselves with some free time on their hands. As the author says, most would rather pull out the phone and make themselves busy. We have less patience. I, for instance, find myself even skipping through movies or tv-shows when the action dies down or when the characters start long, boring monologues. Technology has changed us ( or maybe its just me ).

Being A Developer After 40 – a good read for both new and old developers alike. It would be a pity if you weren’t to read this piece. The man share a lot of wisdom here from a long time working in the tech world, and I am sure this will be a worthwhile read even if you are not in this space.

Firing people – a really good article by Zach Holman on working and then getting fired from GitHub. I enjoyed it and hope you will too.

Why I turned down $500K, Pissed off my investors, and Shut down my startup – sometimes these things happen.

Why is everyone covering up their laptop cameras? – well, mostly because we are all a bit paranoid. Then again, if THEY really are after you, is it still paranoia ?

The UN’s Weather Agency Warns of ‘Fundamental Change’ in Climate – and there are still people who don’t consider global warming to be real.

Getting smarter -Brain-training games won’t boost your IQ, but a host of strategies can improve your cognitive abilities one piece at a time:

For training to be effective, you have to stick with it, and it is much easier to do so if the training is fun, and if it embeds regular rewards along the way

We’re already smarter than our grandparents. And if we live an active lifestyle, we can get smarter and stay smart throughout our lives

Pocketed Articles – June 24, 2016

Want followers? Then Here’s a Life Lesson for You: Learn How to Fucking Write – I am opening this edition with a friendly advice 🙂 Here is how the author is opening the piece:

It’s official, the content marketers have invaded Medium. Yes, we’ve already seen a bunch of self help, listicle shit here, to the point that half the community complained about it. Only just now though, am I seeing posts like “how to gain followers on Medium”. The information contained in these posts is the generic stuff: a click bait headline, including inspirational quotes (here’s a hint, if you need quotes in your work to move people, you suck and need to get better), and offering life advice, or if we want to flog a dead horse even further “add value”.

Bionic leaf converts energy from our sun better than nature does – Researchers are getting better and better at emulating nature to improve technology. It’s not a very technical article, it’s just informational and a good read overall.

I rarely read stuff from Bill Gates except for his book recommendations, but this one had an interesting title: Why I Would Raise Chickens. I am not all that :

If you were living on $2 a day, what would you do to improve your life?

That’s a real question for the nearly 1 billion people living in extreme poverty today. There’s no single right answer, of course, and poverty looks different in different places. But through my work with the foundation, I’ve met many people in poor countries who raise chickens, and I have learned a lot about the ins and outs of owning these birds. (As a city boy from Seattle, I had a lot to learn!) It’s pretty clear to me that just about anyone who’s living in extreme poverty is better off if they have chickens.

The future of podcasting – I started listening to podcasts a while back and it’s really interesting to me to see where this is going. I believe podcasting has a bright future. I hear more and more people every week that they found a good podcast they are listening to on the road, on their way to and from work etc. This reminds me, I have to write a post with a list of the podcasts I listen. Maybe you’ll find something interesting there.

5 things publishers can learn from how Jeff Bezos is running The Washington Post – the news business is changing and a lot of people in this business are not following suit. The New York Times found a way to make it work and, as it seems, so did The Washington Post. I am sure that even businesses without this kind of budgets have something to learn from these people.

“I think he’s helping us as a business,” Woodward said. “It’s a better website. I find things much more authoritative, quite frankly, than The New York Times.” Times partisans would surely disagree, but Woodward is nothing if not a loyal employee. He continued: “Bezos is good news for the newspaper, The Washington Post. I think he has a long-range view, staying in for 15 or 20 years and making sure The Washington Post is one of the surviving news sources in the country.”

Selfishness Is Learned – we are still figuring out a lot of stuff about how our own minds work, and this article is shedding a bit of light on the subject of selfishness.

“It feels good to be nice—unless the other person is a jerk,” he says. “And then it feels good to be mean.”

Many people cheat on taxes—no mystery there. But many people don’t, even if they wouldn’t be caught—now, that’s weird. Or is it? Psychologists are deeply perplexed by human moral behavior, because it often doesn’t seem to make any logical sense. You might think that we should just be grateful for it. But if we could understand these seemingly irrational acts, perhaps we could encourage more of them.

Pocketed Articles – June 22, 2016

This edition is made up from article I saved from Medium. Enjoy !

I’m Not Living The Dream –  this is the story of a nomad, you know, one of those guys that travels the world just because he can. Well, it seems, this is not every bit as great as people make it seem, but if you want to find out the rest, well, read the article 🙂

The Founding Father of Bling – have you ever wanted to find out who started the “bling” culture ? How about who made its start possible. Well, there was this jeweler, Jacob Arabo, who made something a lot of jewelers at that time refused, he made “the now iconic four-finger ring that spelled “Biz” in diamond-studded script”.

Now let’s tackle some more serious subjects:

Why Do the Poor Make Such Poor Decisions? – not really sure how to make a good excerpt for this article. It delves into a complicated subject and I just can’t summarize it in a couple of sentences. All i can tell you is that this is a good and interesting read.

The Results of the Basic Income Referendum in Switzerland – somewhat connected to the previous article, this piece is looking a bit into the basic income referendum Switzerland held a few weeks ago. The people voted against the idea, but there were still 23% of the votes in favor. That in and of it self is quite meaningful in my opinion. Head over and read the article if you want to find out more. You can also read more on this subject here: The lessons from the Swiss basic income referendum

Last time around I had a link to a some Medium updates. Today I am sharing this article on Everything You Already Know About Writing on Medium. The title is pretty self-explanatory so head over if you are a fan of Medium or you just want to find out more on getting started over there.

Pocketed Articles – June 20, 2016

Ever since Pocket started recommending articles I got really into this feature. Most of the said recommendation are awesome and I just want to let you know that I will also have some of them on my lists as well. Now back to business:

The Matt Report Podcast ( interview with Chris Lema ) – I finally got to this one. I heard it was a good episode, and after I listened to it, I have to say, it indeed seemed to be above Matt’s usual episodes. Now if you never listened to this podcast, it is a WordPress podcast for business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs where Matt interviews from the tech world on their business. This particular episode was a discussion with Chris Lema about pricing products, servicing customers, and persevering through the business world.

How Batching Your Tasks Will Put Your Productivity on Steroids – this is another podcast episode that I found was worth sharing and so here it is. In the words of Chris Ducker, the author, ” Batching is when you block off a section of time to do just one task and you schedule it on your calendar. You can do this with social media, copywriting, recording podcasts or video, and even with email. ” . If you happen to be a content producer, you will certainly find this to be useful.

Five New Tools for Your Publications – from the Medium staff. If you are using Medium then this might be interesting to you. I myself haven’t yet published anything here yet, but feature wise, they seem to be making good progress and keep bringing value to their users. I was on the skeptical side when Medium was announced but maybe there is something there after all. It seems to work. You get exposure, readers, a community, but for now I would still suggest you should not publish your stuff on Medium only. Keep a copy on your own site, just in case.

Practice Makes Possible: What We Learn By Studying Amazing Kids – this article is in part a book review. You should know that going in. Also you should know that the book seems to be pretty interesting. My “to-be-read” list is rather long, but I will be getting to reading this one as well at some point. Here is a piece of the article, I hope it will spark your interest:

Is talent a myth?

The idea that some people are born with gifts is a very counterproductive view — that your task as a high school student or college student is that you’re supposed to go around testing things to find your gift. Because I have yet to find anybody who finds their gift.

What Robert and I are arguing is that it’s much better to think of something you want to attain and then get the help of teachers and parents to start you on the path of creating that. On that path, you may decide you want to go in a different direction. That’s fine. But you haven’t simply been waiting around for something that would allow you to instantaneously become good because that’s never happening. And I think the process of really seeing how you can improve is something that will transfer even if you try to improve in some other domain.


Pocketed Articles – June 17, 2016

This edition is a bit different, it’s more or less from the space of freelancing, growth hacking, copy-writing, personal and professional development and such.

Content on Content on Content – Gary Vaynerchuk is the man. One cannot help but admire his hustle and way of thinking and doing things. I found this one on medium, but it seems it is also available on his own blog. I like some of his content more than other but this is something I thought was worth sharing.

3 Marketing Lessons I Learned From Writing an Entire Book in 72 Hours – John Nemo here is talking about a technical book on a subject he already knows a lot about. But this also means that one can also write books, or better said, small e-books, that can potentially be sold. Read the article and let me know what you think about it.

How do you think about your own career planning? – Chris Lema is another guy that is really good at creating content and selling stuff. Some of his articles are fluff, but more often then not you get good info from him. This one I liked.

Friends, Money and Freedom Through Writing – James Altucher is another guy with a very hectic life and somehow he managed to make it big. I enjoy most of his articles and this one here does not disappoint either.


Pocketed Articles – June 13, 2016

Walt Whitman’s advice for students – I really liked this little bit of content by Austin Kleon. I usually ignore motivational crap, like those quotes that in one way or another say ” follow your heart ” or ” do what you love “, mainly because, as I said before, it’s crap. But this Walt Whitman fellow seems to be all about ” don’t write poetry ” 🙂 and ” do the fucking work ” so I guess it’s worth sharing.

Living in the age of outrage – Mark Mason perfectly puts into words this age of outrage we are currently living in. This is a good example of how much more different it is when you read an opinion by someone who is a good writer 🙂 . Anyway, read it and share it, maybe you’ll give someone a wake up call.

The fabulist who changed journalism – this is a big feature on Janet Cooke, a reporter for The Washington Post who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1981, for a story about an 8-year-old heroin addict. It later turned out that the boy did not exist. This is an impressive story, but not for everyone, I think.

Time to face the music: you need a business model to make it as an artist – this is a really good article to read if you work for yourself in a creative field. Jessica Abel makes a really good point here and I think more people, freelancers in particular, should be reading this.

The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans – and this one is directly connected to the article above, meaning that I found it because Jessica mentioned it. The author says ” Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 to pay for an emergency. I’m one of them. ” This amount doesn’t really apply to me, because here ( in Romania ) $400 is quite a bit of money, but I get the gist of it, and if you replace the amount with one significant for your own country, you may find yourself ( as have I ) in the same shoes as well.

Pocketed Articles – June 10, 2016

What does modern slavery look like? – ” More than 45 million people are living in modern slavery, with Asia accounting for two thirds of the victims, a new report says “, unsettling, isn’t it ? But somehow, I have to say, I am not surprised this is still a thing. The world is still a very weird place.

How I built a profitable bootstrapped side project. – Inspiration for all the freelancers out there with an idea.

Chicago’s Invisible Shooters Wreak Havoc – a sad story about a great city, or perhaps better said, a once great city.

Melissa McCarthy: ‘I love a woman who doesn’t play by the rules’ – Seeing that Ghostbusters is just after the corner, articles about Melissa McCarthy were bound to appear. This is one of them and it gives a bit of an insight on her way of thinking and the obstacles she had to face in her career.


Pocketed Articles – June 06, 2016

Robot Wars 2016: Everything you need to know – well, not exactly everything, but any info is good info in this case. I was such a fan of the original show and I believe they are right, this is a great time for a show like this, the tech is better, the materials cheaper, hell, this could end up to be a great thing 🙂 . Really looking forward to it.

My Adventures in Going Viral – apparently going viral on social media doesn’t equate to success. Some light reading from The New York Times.

A Renegade Muscles In on Mister Softee’s Turf – everyone is hustling to make a buck. This is the story of a young man trying to make a living selling ice cream from the back of an ice cream truck. Interesting read.

Along the new Silk Road, a city built on sand is a monument to China’s problems – things are not good in China and they still spend ungodly amounts of money on building cities that will never be populated. Just do a search on google for ” china abandoned cities ” and you will see what I  am talking about.

Hamilton – America these days is obsessed with Hamilton ( the play ) and for this I have to say kudos to Lin-Manuel Miranda the author, creator and star of the play. He did a great job with this one. But even when I read this article I still can’t even begin to understand it. It may be a cultural thing or maybe it’s just me. Anyway, this was still a great read, greatly written.


How To Get Started in Web Design

Something I found online and thought you might enjoy reading as well:

Here’s an answer to how to get started building websites that I fully endorse and isn’t vague. This is going to cost a little money, just like learning to play the guitar requires buying a guitar and some accessories.

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Read the full article from the author’s website.

How to get Paying Customers with SlideShare Marketing

Something I found online and thought you might enjoy reading as well:

Believe it or not, our firm has been using SlideShare as our only form of marketing this past year. SlideShare is low in cost, brings loads of qualified traffic, and is fairly straightforward to execute.

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Increase Traffic to Your Site With These Tried and Tested Blogging Tips

Something I found online and thought you might enjoy reading as well:

A blog is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a website; whether it be a corporate website, directory, or online shop. By adding great content to your blog regularly, you will provide useful resources to visitors and publish more pages for search engines to index.

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